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Is it Hookers, Prostitutes, Escorts or Personal Companionship?

There are so many words to describe an escort. Depending on which word you are more comfortable with really determines on how you could describe them. is it hookers, prostitute, escort and personal companion are all words you could describe an escort, even lover could be an appropriate term as well. There are so many words to describe one profession but some people are wary of these terms, some people think its bad for these women or even males to do this career. Although, the real question should be, “why do they tern to this lifestyle?”

There are so many reasons that lead up to this profession. A lot of them want to support their families and have no other way. They might have a daughter or son at home that they need to provide for. These women and men shouldn’t be looked down on because of what they want to do. No one judges someone who wants to become a chef do they? Then why should we judge someone on wanting to become a personal escort? Hooker? Or prostitute? Honestly, some of them have no choice, they do but they don’t. Some of these people are in debt and can’t find any way out of it, so they know someone who is in the business or meet someone who is and from there they start a new life of being a prostitute.

These women and men even can live casual lives, people generally think these people are stuck in this career, but they aren’t, mostly. They choose to live this lifestyle. They can still have a family at home waiting, hardly they would tell their children about this lifestyle but their mates, it might be hard at first to accept it but sooner or later they do. They like the money they make and there is nothing wrong with it, we all love making money right?

You’ll usually find these kind of hookers in big cities like Las Vegas, New York, Seattle, and est. There are way more civilizations in these bigger cities, so that means more clients for these escorts. Compared so small towns where you hardly see any. So if you do try and find an escort, of any service, try bigger towns or cities. A lot of these escorts do it mainly for the money, who wouldn’t right? Making $1,350 an hour, jobs usually don’t pay that well. These prostitutes want luxury in life and they know how to get it. They know how to receive the finer things in life.

However, even though this profession has a lot of money coming their way, it isn’t always the safest career. You never know what kind of people you’ll run into. Abusive, angry, drunk people could walk their way and do anything. There are a lot of people who are in danger because of this career. They have to go out and be on the streets late at night and you never know who you could run into. Besides that, its also an illegal profession.

Las Vegas has a a lot of escorts their, even though prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas, they seem to still do it. Why is prostitution illegal in Las Vegas? Prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas to a point, as long as its an actual business and it takes place in a brothel or even a house for prostitutes its legal. Now, you can’t just go on the street offering people your assistance, but as long as its in the business house that it goes down in, its legal.

Not all Las Vegas escorts live in the luxury life, some still struggle figuring the ropes out to the whole prostitution lifestyle. Even though Las Vegas escorts start out in so much debt, they dig their way out sooner or later. Some of them just struggle a little more figuring it out.

What do you consider a escort? Is it hookers? Prostitute or even person companionship. Escorts or Personal Companionship Its Escorts or Personal Companionship. No matter what you label it as its the same service, just different phrases. Escorts or Personal Companionship Its Escorts or Personal Companionship. Is the same thing as a hooker and escort.

Runway escorts is a service provided by women for others for pleasure. Runway escorts work as hard as anyone else. except they are usually always working. Women and men who love there job no matter what it is shouldn’t be shamed for it. Just because its different.